The 2nd China Innovation Challenge

The 2nd China Innovation Challenge

According to the spirit of the <Notice of the Ministry of Science and Technology on Holding the 2nd China Innovation Challenge> and <Notice on Organizing the Second China Innovation Challenge (Shanghai)>, Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Education, Fengxian District People’s Government as the organizers of the Shanghai race area, the National Eastern Technology Transfer Center, Science and Technology Commission of Fengxian District joint 114 production and research collaboration innovation service platform co-host the 2nd China Innovation Challenge (Shanghai).


More than 70 selected technology innovation demands will be released to the public and will be open to global seeking solution challengers. The relevant matters are announced as follows:

Technical Demands List

No. Name of Technical Demands
Digital Information
1 Behavior detection based on artificial intelligence graphics technology and depth of learning technology research and development of intelligent perception equipment and widely used in public places
2 The power failure phenomenon which often appears when mobile APP management program scaning code and charging
3 Research and development of wind speed sensor for air conditioning system which is in variable air volume and low speed
4 Video AI technology development
5 Dynamic image capture recognition system
6 Face recognition technology
7 Research and development of  inteligent panel wall and view sensor
8 Research and development of traffic simulation deduction system
9 Base on the advanced avionics architecture of the integrated task processing platform to achieve the task data collection, data processing, data storage, human-computer interaction and other functions
10 Research on Micro – semiconductor neutron detector system
11 Sharing development of manufacturing platform cloud MES system
12 Optimal structure of order structure under multiple constraints
13 Forecast of retail trends under historical data classification
14 Package solution for  intelligent  unattended  substation
15 Infrared gas sensor development
16 Application development of new media data
17 Establishing knowledge maps and elderly health management, disease identification techniques based on the elderly healthcare
18 New era home-based pension platform
19 precise forecast of marine disaster climate based on big data
20 Creating a IoT communication module mainly applied in scanning payment; the module can realize remote control of the device, including the function of serial and pulse output.
21 The software platform scheme supporting enterprise credit evaluation R&D and business module customization
22 Technology upgrade of BIM information model
23 Developing an vehicle real-time intelligent yield estimating hardware to achieve real-time yield estimation, quality control, operating area monitoring and other functions due to the sharing of agricultural usage scenarios requiements.
24 Artificial intelligence algorithm and component development for the effective matching of technology demanders and providers
25 Development of eyewash intelligent alarm APP
26 Software platform supporting the function of park business services and business model customization
27 The Technique of Planting Guide Rod in Mouth
28 Mouth Planting Technique
29 Planting technique of implantable screw in mouth
30 Children ‘s ankle health engineering product development and industrialization promotion
31 The construction of quality traceability software platform  for the whole process of traditional Chinese medicine production
32 Industrial technology development of  cost-controllable ganoderma plantation
33 Development of purification process of liposoluble partial pollutants in plant extracts
34 Seeking technical cooperation for reducing or removing some undesirable components in the original wine through the optimization of metabolic regulation in fermentation process
35 Purification kit development for Hieff NGSTM RNA Cleaner
36 Point mutant kit development
37 Technical analysis and market analysis of enzymatic hydrolysis of new soybean fermentation
New Material
38 New Material of Smelting Smoke and Dust Conversion Powder- Market Application Technology Development and Extension of Active Silica Powder
39 Research and development of anti-fog, hydrophilic material used for precision optical lens
40 Development of Separation Technology of PET Film and PC&ABS Material
41 Selection and optimization of compound modifier to enhance the mechanical properties of the fiber
42 The preparation and optimization of the melt-spinning polymer melt-kneading material and the optimum process of melt spinning
43 Analysis of the effect of primary fiber and super-temperature draft on fiber structure and properties
44 Improvement of  metallography grain size and fracture of the copper complex stainless steel products
Resources and environment
45 Microbial Control Technology for Soil polluted by Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Pesticide and Dyeing&Printing Factory
46 Coking Wastewater Treatment Technology
47 Development and Application of Soil Remediation Technology
48 Development and Application of Water Treatment
49 Treatment technology of high salt and high organic wastewater
50 The sewage treatment of printing equipment in photo printing industry
Advanced Manufacturing and Automation Control
51 Research and Development of Wireless Control System based on LORA Protocol
52 Design and development of  complete sets of electromechanical and engineering
53 Mechanical and electrical equipment control system
54 LED lighting radiator technology
55 Development of Hydraulic Retarder Controller Technology
56 Design and Development of Hydraulic Retarder Controller Body
57 Design of Automobile Window Glass Safety Test System
58 Portable body composition testing equipment
59 The technical requirement of research and development of water source heat pump process and equipment
60 Tailoring system used for bag material needs to solve two main technologies that adsorption fastness of bag material  and  the bag material shall not be hot melt.
61 Technical improvements based on the existing enterprise onboard display structure
62 Enterprises independently developed a self-controllable computer using Feiteng domestic processor as the core of the hardware platform, cooperation in the development of firmware
63 Development of artificial intelligence water purifier based on cloud computing
64 Lightweight requirements of BIM model
65 Die-casting workshop to achieve automated production
66 A DC-DC converter for perturbed fuel cell
67 Safety and reliability control of automobile windows
68 Research and development the new technology of electromagnetic induction magnetic drive motor
69 100-meter sightseeing submersible ship release system design
70 Abyss Macro biological fidelity sampling equipment design
71 Support the development of porous pneumatic bearings with high power and high speed motors.
72 Development of new high efficiency extended range system and vehicle integration
73 Fast, cheap, efficient and accurate detection technology development of fuel synergist energy saving


Challenge qualification

“technology demand providers”: enterprises registered in Shanghai.

“solution providers”: All colleges and universities, research institutes, enterprises and natural persons whoever has the independent legal person status and capable of undertaking bidding projects and corresponding research and development capabilities.



For “solution providers”

  • The outstanding challenger rewards ¥100,000 each, 5 providers in total.


Registration information

  • Time: July — November 2017
  • Deadline for solution collection: November 27, 2017

Ways of Registration

  • All participants participate in the Challenge must register online at and complete all business processes related to the Event.

Support Hotline

  • Shanghai area service hotline: 8008205114 (landline), 4008205114 (mobile phone)
  • National Eastern Technology Transfer Center Tel: He Jia: 021-55382667
  • The Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology Tel: 010-88656293

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