Made In Canada

Canada is widely recognized by multinational companies, international organizations, and many governments around the world to be a tremendous opportunity for investment and trade.

With a wealth of natural resources, a stable economy and banking structure, as well as government policies which are widely regarded as business friendly; Canada is positioned to be an attractive, secure investment environment for Chinese and other foreign interests.

When evaluating Canada and its economy, investors must consider the following criteria:

  • Canada is widely regarded as a leading place to do business, rated 8th out of 145 nations by Forbes Magazine in 2013. Bloomberg rated Canada 2nd in their 2014 study (behind only Hong Kong) of 157 countries.
  • In terms of gross domestic product (GDP), receptivity of its consumers and size of their middle class, Canada is a leader
  • Canada has enviable natural resources including oil, natural gas, fresh water, lumber, minerals and primary metals.
  • Tax rates, government debt ratio, and availability of business startup funding are widely recognized as amongst the very best worldwide
  • Bank stability, responsiveness and policies are frequently recognized by organizations like the World Economic Forum as the best in the world.
  • Quality of life, life expectancy and education statistics are all ranking amongst world leaders

These factors are all compelling reasons for many businesses, including Toyota, Honda, Cisco and Burger King to select Canada amongst their principal places to operate and manage their businesses. The characteristics of Canada’s stable economy, acceptance of international cultures, and reputation for humanitarianism all contribute to Canada’s placement amongst peer nations as an attractive place for investment. Recent moves to expand Free Trade relations with several nations also represent a great opportunity for Chinese investors.

Canada has been a supporter of China’s economy, and recently have been discussing opening trading hubs for Chinese Yuan. In Toronto and Vancouver, Canadian businesses and financial institutions have made great strides to facilitate trade and business relationships with China as many organizations express interest in making the Chinese currency the global standard and a move from the US Dollar. Canadian organizations like Export Development Canada have supported Canadian businesses to access the Chinese market. The Canadian trade deficit with China has recently been narrowing in recent years.