solar energy panels and wind turbines

Canada seems, from the outside looking in, to be an inexhaustible source of natural resources:

  • Hydroelectric power
  • Oil and gas from Alberta
  • Fresh water from the Great Lakes and other bodies of water
  • Lumber, pulp and paper from its abundant forests from its abundant forestsDespite this apparent wealth however, Canadians and their trading partner companies have large appetites for these resources, which calls for study into ways to find renewable ways of generating the same results the world seeks from non-renewable resource including heat, power, transportation, printing materials, plastics, lubricants and other materials.Ontario has become a leading region for the research, development, testing and market delivery of clean tech and green energy solutions. Foreign direct investment from China presents a tremendous opportunity for clean tech and renewable energy firms in cities like London and Toronto. The Toronto Stock Exchange lists more clean technology companies than any other Exchange worldwide. With over 36,000 Ontarians employed in over 1,700 clean technology companies, it is clear Ontario is serious about innovation such as:
  • A “Smart” hydro grid which will reduce brown-outs, and enables power recycling
  • Electric vehicles and furthering hybrid vehicle technology to making it more affordable and reduce the carbon footprint of transportation
  • Advancing the feasibility and price-competitiveness of bio fuels from cooking oils, animal fats and seed oils.


Ontario is home to approximately 35 percent of the Clean Tech and Green energy companies in Canada. Therefore programs like the Ontario Emerging Technologies Fund and the Ontario government’s pledge to invest $30 million in Clean Tech, Foreign Direct Investment opportunities can drive additional opportunities for growth.