Target Sectors

We hope you will discover on these pages that the Invest Canada Alliance has the depth and breadth of knowledge, programs, and relationships which can move Canadian and Chinese interests forward in future.

Food Manufacturing

Ontario’s Food Industry is primarily made up of the beverage industry, dairy, meats, seafood, confectionery, animal food and grain products. Ontario is successful in the food industry because of market accessibility, agri-food sciences in the territory, availability of arable land for crops and livestock, and the skilled people in the area who have expertise in the Food Industry.

Green Technologies

Ontario offers a number of incentives, R&D tax programs, and public-private partnerships to advance renewable energy projects.


The automotive industry in Canada already has long standing investments from companies like Toyota, Honda and automotive parts manufacturers. Opportunity continues to grow with the advancement of technologies such as hybrid vehicles and electric cars.

Aerospace Industry

Ontario has the confidence of aerospace industry leaders such as Bombardier, AirBus, Mitsubishi, Pratt & Whitney and Noranco. Development of larger, safer, more efficient aircraft is the goal of Ontario aerospace industry. Ontario offers many advantages including market proximity and skilled people

Life Science & Medical Technologies

  • Pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers have realized the value of Ontario’s research and development programs, university partnerships and skilled workforce in this space.

Technology And Communications

Information and Communication Technologies

Canadian technology companies have been successful in developing people, products, and connectivity which has evolved many businesses and communities worldwide.

Financial Services

Canada’s five largest banks have been recognized worldwide as some of most stable in the world. They, along with the Bank of Canada have been credited as having manoeuvered through difficult financial times such as the most recent global recession better than their peers around the globe.