Cobourg – Establish, grow, connect – feed the world

Cobourg_waterfront_121914For 100 years Cobourg Ontario has fed Canadians.

We know food and how to produce food safely and securely for a large population.

We also know the competitive landscape of the Canadian and North American food processing industry and it is this knowledge that we are leveraging at the Ontario Agri-food Venture Centre.

This state of the art food processing incubator provides purveyors of intellectual property the ability to establish production, on a smaller scale, in the safer confines of an incubator, before venturing into full production and the inherent costs and risks associated with large investments.

AwardExcellence_NewProducts_Agriculture_121914This facility will connect your food business with retailers, distributors, researchers, and consumers allowing your business to establish a firm beach head in the North American market prior to delving into a major investment.

Food retailers by their nature a mercurial and demanding in terms of unit costs and distribution. The Agri-food Venture Centre allows food processors to gauge the profitability and commitment of retailers and distributors while forging secondary and tertiary relationships.

The Ontario Agri-food Venture Centre is also affiliated with two local post secondary institutes ensuring a constant supply of skilled and specialized labour.

Kevin_Narraway_121914With our close proximity to one of Canada’s premiere agricultural regions we can also create important supply chain connections with complete traceability-from farm, to processor, to consumer. This type of food safety is a growing concern for consumers. Agriculture and food processing is the largest industry in the Province of Ontario and Cobourg is at the heart of Eastern Ontario’s burgeoning food processing industry.

Food manufacturers in Ontario also have the ability to ship to the USA and Europe through existing and soon to be ratified free trade agreements.

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