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There are a number of industries and businesses in the “Commercial heart” of Canada which present lucrative opportunities for Chinese investors. Ontario has a number of unique qualities which make it very attractive to start a business, or locate an office or industrial facility from an existing Chinese company. They include:

  • Ontario’s reputation as a great place to do business with lower costs compared to peer states/cities
  • Close to the strategic market centres of North America
  • Rich talent pool with public/private partnerships such as universities, colleges, hospitals and government entities
  • Diverse cultural mosaic of Chinese, European and other first, second and third generations. There are many Chinese speaking people in Ontario and cultural representations in cities like the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Broad spectrum of R&D tax rebates, grants, Regional Innovation Centres and other offerings
  • High GDP and ranking on several criteria amongst G7 nations
  • Great quality of life for employees

Chinese companies like Lenovo and Huawei have had success in Ontario. Canadian developer Bromont group and Jingmei Group are collaboratively working towards a business park development project with the support of the Chinese Development Bank. Other projects involving Chinese FDI who have signed agreements with the ICA include:

  • Life Sciences company Huayi Isotopes – $40 million investment, creating 50 Canadian jobs
  • Green Technology company Rainbow LED EMC – $40 million total investment, creating 100 jobs
  • Companies that manufacture curtain wall structures, steel structures and industrial tape products
  • Initiatives to build a Financial Services data centre and a Research and Development Centre for a cellphone manufacturer

Chinese FDI can create financial opportunities for both Chinese and Canadian companies. It also produces employment opportunities for Canadians, opportunities to advance R&D in strategic industries, and create innovative products for use in China and Canada. With the strategic access and proximity to the United States, Canadian and other markets, Chinese companies can expand their client base by establishing an Ontario presence. Having this Canadian presence can often lead to strategic partnerships and advancements in business which would otherwise be unattainable.

Invest Canada Alliance helps Chinese Companies to access

  • Strategic relationships with Canadian businesses and government related organizations
  • Translation services, early stage incubation services if necessary, financing opportunities and industry specific resources
  • Business parks which provide a support centre in strategic locations