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About Invest Canada Alliance

Invest Canada Alliance (ICA) is a non-profit organization, established to collaborate with governments at the federal, provincial, and municipal level across Canada to attract Chinese investment. We also provide a wide array of services to Chinese businesses to help them establish a presence in Canada. There are many business and resources throughout Canada which represent long and short term opportunities for Chinese investors.

Many international businesses have recognized the opportunities in Ontario in particular and would like to take advantage of it. While the Ontario provincial government has been especially supportive of offshore investments, and they have established a number of International Marketing Centres in key strategic locations worldwide, there is still a dearth of support within Ontario to assist investing companies to make a successful investment and have a team on the ground locally to facilitate a “soft landing”.

To accelerate regional investment in Canada, and to provide the requisite support inside Canada, the ICA has based its operations in Toronto, Ontario, which is widely recognized as the commercial capital of the country. It provides a broad spectrum of services to Chinese companies seeking strategic international investment opportunities including:

Co-ordinating relationships with key stakeholders

  • Canadian and Chinese business entities and government entities in both countries
  • Establishing business parks within Canada and China to make resources available for commercial enterprises and their executives.
  • Canadian business parks bring the value of expertise into local Canadian products, services, and commercial entities which can benefit from Chinese investment. Business parks in China can in turn benefit by streamlining business development activities, and by being a go-to resource for Chinese investors looking to capitalize on Canadian enterprise.
  • The Invest Canada Alliance acts as a conduit between these business parks, and co-ordinates mutually beneficial activities.


Strategically delivering information to key players


The ICA creates opportunities for Canadian businesses to grow through new sources of funding. We work with Chinese business to realize revenue streams and markets which would otherwise be inaccessible.

Canada has a number of specialized service providers which offer strategic value to Chinese industry. The ICA, with resources on the ground in Toronto, has the ability to introduce strategic partners to Chinese businesses and government. These partners can facilitate doing business across Canada and often into the coveted United States marketplace.